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Horrible Science Frightful First Experiments


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This first-time science kit contains eighteen exciting experiments, expertly put together for budding horrible scientists. They'll stack lively liquids, make your breakfast fly, and perform eye-popping illusions! What's more they'll be shocked by the power of static electricity, be maddened by molecules, and prepare to gag at the habits of gruesome guzzling plants!

The pack contains: A test tube rack, along with 3 test tubes, a pair of goggles, a ball mould (with bouncy crystals), a magnifying glass, a spinner, a slime pot, a pipette, a pH scale and pH paper, some squishy eyeballs, a Petri-dish, a funnel, some printed card pieces, a selection of stickers, some tissue paper, two balloons, three mixing sticks, two rubber bands, a paper clip, three bottles of different food colourings, accompanied by an all-important forty-page lab notebook.

Suitable for children aged 6 years and up