Large orchardtoysmagicalcastlejigsawpuzzle

Orchard Magical Castle Floor Puzzle



This magical floor puzzle is perfect for any child with an interest in princesses and fairies. As is the case in all Orchard puzzles there's loads to talk about in the picture and you can use it as an observation game ('where's the king?', 'How many fairies are there?' etc.), you can remove pieces and ask your child to spot what's missing (this is a great memory game for grown ups to have a try at too) or you can even use the picture as a starting block for some fantastical storytelling. There's an activity guide on the back of the box so you shouldn't run out of ideas.

The completed puzzle is approximately 58 x 43cm (it's hard to measure because it's not a perfect square/rectangle

The 40 large pieces should be suitably engaging FOR ANY CHILD OVER THE AGE OF 3 YEARS