Large dragon stoorworm

The Dragon Stoorworm by Theresa Breslin


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"The Dragon Stoorworm was the very first, and the very worst, dragon ever to exist from the beginning of time. It was absolutely ginormous and almost completely covered Scotland, from the top to the bottom, and all the way across from side to side.
All it wanted was just one delicious young person to eat every day, starting with the king's daughter, the Princess Gemdelovely."

This is a lively retelling of the traditional Scottish folk tale of the Dragon Stoorworm (or Mester Stoor Worm), adapted for a young audience. The story, told by award-winning author Theresa Breslin, unfolds with wry humour, while Matthew Land's magical illustrations capture the fairy-tale beauty of Scotland.

-From 4 to 7 years
-24 pages
-Part of the Traditional Scottish Tales range
-Published by Floris Books