Large stramash




Stramash - The Scottish Board Game

A classic chase game where the aim is to become the Muckle Stoater by being the first to move your five Laddies (marbles) round the board to the safety of your Castle. However, because you use playing cards rather than dice, you don't simply rely on the luck of the die. Instead you can use your superior tactics, strategy and skill to choose from a number of potential moves in your hand that will help you scupper your opponents and beat them at their own game. Unfortunately, they will be sleekit bletherskites trying to 'do you in' too!

Advantage fluctuates, and alliances are fleeting and treacherous as players vie to send their opponents' Laddies back to the start, (tae think again!) while getting their own to safety. Watch out for the Bonnie-Fechter, when he appears things can 'gang aft agley'. It's all a bit of a Stramash!

For Ages 8 to Awfy Auld
2 - 6 Players

Box Contains
-Six wooden Mashies (boardsides) that fit together to form your board
-Six sets of coloured glass Laddies (marbles) for use as counters in a drawstring bag
-Three packs of playing cards
-Rules booklet (in the original Scottish with an English translation)